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About the SAA

Welcome to the Harvard South Asian Association Website! Since 1986, our organization has brought the Harvard community closer to South Asia and its Diaspora through academic, political, social, outreach and cultural initiatives. With over 300 members spanning myriad ethnicities, religions, and interests, the South Asian Association (SAA) is one of the largest and most active student groups on campus, putting on over 100 different events each year to celebrate and foster awareness of South Asia. As part of our continued effort to promote understanding of South Asian academic and political issues, we have hosted numerous discussions with esteemed faculty members, public figures, business leaders, artists and authors on campus, while also working to expand the focus of South Asia in the undergraduate curriculum. Every year, we seek to bring members of SAA closer together through a variety of social events, including weekly chai, parties and study breaks, allowing members to create friendships that will last long beyond their time at Harvard. Recognizing the unique role college students can play in development and community-building, SAA members serve communities within the Subcontinent and Diaspora by fundraising, interning with NGOs, and conducting other outreach efforts. Through high quality student-produced performances and dynamic workshops, SAA brings the culture of South Asia to Harvard. In fact, the hallmark of the year for SAA is its annual cultural show called Ghungroo, and celebrated its 24th anniversary in March 2012. Without a doubt, Ghungroo is one of the largest and most widely acclaimed shows at Harvard. With over 300 Harvard undergraduates directing, producing and performing a wide variety of dances, musical selections, dramatic pieces and poetry inspired by the traditions of South Asia, Ghungroo conveys the strength, enthusiasm and energy of our members.

Since its inception, SAA's size has grown with its scope. With activities and events ranging from the South Asian Journal, our journal of South Asian political and economic affairs, to Andaaz, a biennial South Asian Fashion show, SAA has expanded to reach out to students across Harvard's campus and beyond. We hope you take the time to explore this website and the many facets of SAA and our affiliate groups. There are many ways to get involved with the community from joining the leadership, to performing in shows or joining a planning committee. If there is something you'd like to see SAA do, don't hesitate to contact us at harvardsaa@gmail.com. We greatly appreciate your interest in our organization and the South Asian initiatives at Harvard.

Jane Jacob and Saahil Siddoo
2014-2015 Co-Presidents

Chairs The Chairs


Jane Jacob '16 | Co-President
email: janejacob@college.harvard.edu

Jane is a Junior in Dunster House concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a Secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. She's from a small town a half hour outside of New York City. Jane loves the SAA community and can't wait for all of our events this year. Outside of SAA, she is a Peer Adviser Fellow for freshmen, does research, and works in a library. In her free time she likes to nap, read, and procrastinate on Buzzfeed. She also admits that she needs to brush up on her Bollywood knowledge, so if you have any suggestions, be sure to let her know! :)

Saahil Siddoo '16 | Co-President
email: ssiddoo@college.harvard.edu

Saahil is a Junior in Dunster from Vancouver, Canada. He likes to think he is a real "international student" and uses the fact that he is Canadian to justify anything he does on campus. He is really excited to be a part of the SAA community and enjoys showing his culture to the rest of Harvard! Other than SAA, he is involved in Bhangra and plays Club Basketball. He has no idea what his academic future holds, but he enjoys trying new things and challenging himself! When Saahil is not dancing or on the court, he enjoys acting and making funny catch-phrases!


Nishant Kakar '17 | Treasurer

Nishant is a Sophomore living in Currier House (QUAD LYFE!!). He is planning on Concentrating in Computer Science and Molecular and Cellular Biology (as of now..but ask him again in a few weeks). Outside of SAA, he is involved with Harvard Pre-Medical Society, plays for the Men's Club Tennis team, and is interested in medical research. In his free time, he loves to play ping pong, pool, basketball, frisbee and pretty much any other sport you can name. He has a rather unhealthy passion for TV shows - but yolo. Finally, he's very very excited to be a part of the SAA community for another year!!


Saahil Mehta '17 | Secretary
email: saahilmehta@college.harvard.edu

Saahil Mehta is a sophomore living in Eliot. He's concentrating in Physics. His hobbies include sleeping, running, and writing things down for the SAA.

Co-Academic/Political Chairs

Avni Nahar '17 | Co-Academic/Political Chair
email: avninahar@college.harvard.edu

Avni is a sophomore in Mather House, originally from South Burlington, Vermont. She plans to pursue a concentration in the social sciences as well as a citation in Spanish. Apart from SAA, Avni is involved with theater, CityStep, the Crimson, and the Harvard Foundation. In her spare time, she loves skiing, dancing to Bollywood music (or any music) and eating Honey Bunches of Oats.

Nabig Chaudhary '17 | Co-Academic/Political Chair
email: nabigchaudhry@college.harvard.edu

Nabig (aka Nabig-deal) is currently is a Sophomore in Dunster House! He’s not currently entirely sure what he would want to concentrate or major in, but is highly interested in the global and public health! He loves taking naps, Harry Potter, Bollywood movies, and living life to the fullest! He also really enjoys South Asian culture, and food, and is really looking forward to making the most of his next few years at Harvard!!!

Cultural Chair

Kruti Vora '17 | Cultural Chair
email: krutivora@college.harvard.edu

Kruti is a sophomore in Cabot House who is planning on concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Outside of SAA, Kruti is involved with the PBHA as a co-director of South Boston Big Sib and student teacher for ExperiMentors, is a Peer Advising Fellow for freshmen, writes for the news board of the Crimson, and researches in the Cowan Lab in the SCRB department. Apart from having an inexplicable love of organic chemistry and making up biology puns in her free time, Kruti enjoys reading, playing piano, singing along very loudly to her favorite songs and baking desserts. Kruti can't wait for the 2014-2015 SAA school year and all the incredible events and memories to come!

Kavya Pathak '17 | Co-Social Chair
email: kpathak@college.harvard.edu

Kavya is a sophomore living in Winthrop House and is planning on concentrating in either Neurobiology or Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. She's from Northern California (west coast, best coast :)). In addition to SAA, she is a coxswain for the women's heavyweight crew team, designs for FM magazine, and volunteers with REACH. In her free time, she likes to read, run, and binge watch TV shows on Netflix She loves the SAA community and is excited for the upcoming year!

Co-Social Chairs

Andres Cornejo '17 | Co-Social Chair
email: andrescornejo@college.harvard.edu

Andres is a sophomore living in Currier House (QUAD LYFE!!). He is planning on concentrating in Neurobiology (MBB) and Economics (as of now.. but ask him again in a few weeks). Outside of SAA, he is involved with Harvard International Review, serves on the Harvard Undergraduate Admissions Council, and is interested in cognitive neuroscience research. In his free time, he loves to play ping pong, pool, volleyball, frisbee and pretty much any other sport you can name. He has a rather unhealthy passion for psets - but yolo. Finally, he’s very very excited to be a part of the SAA community for another year!

Hirsh Jain '17 | Co-Social Chair
email: hirshjain@college.harvard.edu

Hirsh Jain is a sophomore in Currier House studying mathematics and computer science. He hails from the great state of Michigan and enjoys making unjustified claims about its superiority to any other state. In his free time, he likes to dance, play frisbee/basketball/pool, and complain about not having enough free time. You'll often find him simultaneously talking to himself in an Indian accent, psetting, and listening to the soundtrack from Aashiqui 2.

Outreach Chair

Kaitavjeet Chowdhary '17 | Outreach Chair
email: kchowdhary@college.harvard.edu

Kaitavjeet Chowdhary is a sophomore in Winthrop, originally from Glastonbury, CT. He is planning on concentrating in Chemical and Physical Biology along with a secondary in either Global Health and Health Policy or Computer Science. Outside of SAA, he dances on the Harvard Bhangra team, is involved with the Harvard International Relations Council, plays euphonium in the Harvard Wind Ensemble, and conducts ALS research in a lab, among other activities. In his free time, Kaitavjeet loves playing and watching tennis as well as perfecting his cooking skills. He also has an unhealthy addiction to samosas. Kaitavjeet is looking forward to another great year with SAA!

Publicity Co-Chairs

Avinash Saraf '17 | Publicity Co-Chair
email: avinashsaraf@college.harvard.edu

Avi is a Sophomore currently living in Kirkland House (aka the best house). He plans to concentrate in Social Studies with a Secondary in Computer Science and is involved with Model UN, The Crimson, and various dance groups on campus. In his free time, he loves chatting about literally any topic, basketball, reading and writing, and running. Hailing from Edison, New Jersey, he's been immersed in South Asian culture for most of his life and looks forward to a year of exciting new initiatives that will surely spice up Harvard, Cambridge, and Boston at large.

Shaiba Rather '17 | Publicity Co-Chair
email: shaibarather@college.harvard.edu

Shaiba Rather is a sophomore in Cabot house studying Social Studies. Shaiba is currently on a premedical track and would love to one day work with the United Nations or with global health practitioners abroad. Shaiba's family has its roots in the valleys of Kashmir, and she visits often to not only explore the Himalayas but also to share a cup of chai with her relatives. On campus, Shaiba is involved in Mock Trial, the Undergraduate Council, Peer Counseling, and Interfaith Forum. Shaiba is currently, and always, craving a samosa.

Technology Chair

Ankit Gupta email: ankitgupta@college.harvard.edu

Ankit is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Mathematics, and lives in Currier House. He is from Portland, Oregon. You will probably find him reading news about electric cars and space travel.


Prerna Bhat '14 | Historian
s email: prernabhat@college.harvard.edu

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Freshman Reps

Frosh Rep '18 | Freshman Rep
email: Email coming soon!

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Frosh Rep '18 | Freshman Rep
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Frosh Rep '18 | Freshman Rep
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Frosh Rep '18 | Freshman Rep
email: Email coming soon

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Other great frosh reps! '17 | Freshman Rep
email: email@college.harvard.edu

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Alumni Welcome back, alumni!

Welcome back, alumni!

We're excited to improve our alumni connections - we have some great plans in the works! For now, don't hesitate to contact us at harvardsaa@gmail.com.

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