Please call us or send us an email through the “Contact” tab on the website to make use of or learn more about any of our other services.

Roadshow Presentations
Attention non-profit organizations, churches, and community organizations: Would your clients or members benefit from learning about their rights as consumers or tenants? We can travel to you and give customized presentations on topics such as landlord/tenant law, consumer law, credit and debt law, general small claims procedure, and more!

Community Workshops
We periodically hold workshops in Harvard Yard during which volunteers will be available to meet with you on a walk-in basis. Volunteers can meet with you personally to discuss your case, help write demand letters, or answer questions related to small claims. Check our website to see when we’ll be holding these workshop events.

Client Meeting
Outside of our community workshops, volunteers are available to meet one-on-one with you to discuss your case if you are from the Cambridge-Boston area.

Court Accompaniment
Volunteers are also able to accompany you to court on the day of your case if you are from the Cambridge-Boston area. Scheduling these court accompaniments can be difficult since volunteers are full-time students, so please contact us well in advance if you are interested in having a court accompaniment.