President Fall 2012 – Spring 2013, Dean of MBU – Michael Traver
Michael is a sophomore at Harvard College and is concentrating in Computer Science. An Eagle Scout and Venture Scout from California, Michael joined Friends of Scouting to give back to Scouting while at Harvard.

President Fall 2011, Dean of MBU – Andrés Ballesteros
A former Boy Scout and now a Venture Scout, Andrés is a Junior at Harvard College, concentrating in Music. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout before coming to Harvard, but did not want his involvement in scouting to stop there. He joined Friends of Scouting in 2009 to give back to the local community through service through scouting.

President Spring 2012, Dean of MBU – Amanda Lu
A former Girl Scout of 12 years, Amanda is a Junior at Harvard College concentrating in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology. As a Girl Scout she earned her Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards and enjoys continuing her involvement with scouting through Friends of Scouting.

President Emeritus – Hannah Lyons-Galante
A former Venture Scout, Hannah is a Senior at Harvard College, concentrating in Environmental Science and Public Policy.  She earned her Ranger Award in 2007 and wanted to give back to scouting during her time at Harvard by getting involved with Friends of Scouting.