We are Harvard’s chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, a national organization dedicated to promoting space exploration and interest in space both on and off campus.

Contact Harvard SEDS President Amir Siraj ’21 for more information, or send us a message!


“Established in mid-2018, the satellite division of Harvard SEDS seeks to bring world class aerospace engineering opportunities to Harvard undergraduates through the design, construction, and operation of CubeSats.”


In the space industry today, three things are true:

The cost to launch a satellite to orbit is falling.
Satellites are getting smaller thanks to improvements in electronics miniaturization.
Commercial hardware for CubeSats is getting cheaper and more reliable.

Therefore, space is more accessible than ever. In fact, it is finally affordable enough for small teams of undergraduate students from private institutions to conduct science in space with satellites they design, manufacture, and operate.

Our Objectives


Construct a working soft robotic solar panel that demonstrates competitive power output per mass compared to a commercial solution.


Design, assemble, and test a standardized bus for a 3U satellite to deploy our solar panel.

Ground Station: 

Construct and operate a VHF/UHF capable tracking ground station to communicate with Harvard CubeSats and others.


For more information about the satellite team, contact Joseph Sanchez ’21.