Some bright spots in our history, as recorded in the Crimson and Harvard Magazines.


“For all vintage astro-lovers there is also the Loomis-Michael Telescope which dates back to 1954 and is the heart of the Loomis-Michael Observatory. In order to provide an opportunity for Harvard students and affiliates to enjoy looking at the night sky, the telescope is reachable with card access by becoming a part of the Student Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe (STAHR), a student-run organization at Harvard.”
Sky is the Limit


“To celebrate a convergence of art and astronomy, STAHR, an organization devoted to the observation and study of the cosmos, is hosting a poetry event at the Loomis-Michael Observatory. With this event, STAHR hopes to remind Harvard students of the basic wonder and beauty of the night sky…. By making it easy for students to observe the skies, STAHR seeks to reconcile the perceived disparity between the technical knowledge of a specialist and the simple appreciation of a stargazer.”
Organizations Use Art for Accessibility

“Students made their way up to the tenth floor of the Science Center for the chance to catch a glimpse of the spacecraft, which appeared as a fast moving, relatively bright, star-like object.”
Students Observe Shuttle


“There are some things in life that are undeniably enjoyable: ice cream on a warm day, money with which to throw parties and, of course, concise club names. But some students have lost sight of this last one, choosing names that leave their clubs with unfortunate acronyms or throwing in unnecessary words to achieve cutesy backronyms.”
Bad Acronyms


“Shazrene S. Mohamed ’04, an astrophysics concentrator from Kirkland House, has been named a 2004 Rhodes Scholar. One of seven Harvard students to receive the prestigious scholarship this year, Mohamed will study at Oxford University to earn her Ph.D. in astrophysics… She is also active in a variety of extracurriculars at Harvard, as an officer of STAHR—a student run astronomy club”
Aspiring Astronaut Named Rhodes Scholar


“This year NASA forecasted not just a meteor shower, but a meteor “storm” with more than 2,000 meteors per hour visible in darker suburban areas, and approximately 700 meteors per hour visible in Boston. Kids from the Outing Club led the trek out to Soldiers Field, while other students ventured to the roof of the Science Center. Some dedicated astronomy students made a pilgrimage to Gloucester, so they could avoid the city lights and catch the 2,000 per hour show.”
Waiting For a Star to Fall


“Some organizations, however, depend on the vestigial R to add not only enunciation but definition to their names. Without Radcliffe, the celestial aficionados in STAHR (STudent Astronomers of Harvard-Radcliffe) will become members of STAH. (Then again, this isn’t necessarily an inaccurate title for a group of Hah-vahd skygazers.)”
What Purpose Serves Radcliffe? Nomenclature for One