The STAHR-list is our general purpose list: announcements of telescope training classes, observatory open houses, movie nights, and other events will be sent out over this list. STAHR-list is generally low traffic (~1 email a week), and is suitable for those who want a base level of involvement in the club.



Individuals who have passed the telescope class and have access to the observatory are subscribed to STAHR-cluster. This list is for announcements about the observatory, including closures, maintenance, and other events that might interfere with your planned use of the telescope.

(To subscribe, take our class!)


STAHR-dust is a list for those who would like to get involved in STAHR on an organizational level. Board meetings are announced over this list, as well as other opportunities to get more involved. Subscribe to this list if you’d like to teach a telescope class, help organize events, or attending meetings.