The board is responsible for teaching classes, organizing and running events, and managing the club’s activities. The board also maintains the observatory and STAHR’s astronomy equipment. If you have any questions that are not answered on other pages of the website, contact the appropriate board member.

Elected Board

President: Kidus Negesse ’22

Kidus Negesse is a senior in Lowell House studying Computer Science with a minor in Physics. He is intensely curious about the universe and believes that astronomy is a great way to put things into perspective. Kidus also enjoys programming, screenwriting, and drumming in his free time. He is the gatekeeper and protector of the realm, the wonderful Loomis-Michael Observatory!

Contact for: Administrative Questions and Ideas, General Inquiries

kanegesse at

Vice President: Ana Humphrey ‘23

Ana Humphrey is a junior in Dunster studying Astrophysics and Physics. She is an exoplanet enthusiast and is fascinated by the study of the gravitational interactions between planets. Beyond astrophysics, she loves Cuban baking and cooking (especially her abuela’s flan), hiking, and exploring new places. She is so excited to share her love of STAHR and space with the Harvard community and beyond!

Contact for: Administrative Questions and Ideas, General Inquiries

anahumphrey at

Observatory Manager: Serena Wurmser ‘23

Serena Wurmser is a junior in Dunster House studying Astrophysics and Earth & Planetary Sciences. She loves nothing more than spending nights under the stars and figures she may as well make a career out of it. Outside of astrophysics, she loves hiking and backpacking (ask her about FOP…), reading (especially epic fantasy!), and rock climbing. Serena’s favorite place on Harvard’s campus is the Loomis-Michael Observatory, and she can’t wait until it’s safe to start telescope classes again :).

Contact for: Observatory/Observing Questions, General Inquiries

swurmser at

Communications Chair: Jaxson Hill ‘23

Jaxson Hill is a junior in Leverett studying mechanical engineering with a secondary in astrophysics. He loves watching the Falcon 9 rockets land so elegantly (and especially loves watching the not so elegant ones) and wishes one day to help build something to help humanity continue to learn more about the cosmos. He also loves to sing, eat Tex-Mex food, and pretend that his cats reciprocate his love.

Contact for: Outreach, Astrophotography, General Inquiries

jaxsonhill at

Class Coordinator: Richard Xu ‘22

Richard is a senior in Dunster studying Mathematics and Statistics. He loves hiking, traveling, and doing random things with friends. On nights before midterms and finals, you can find Richard lying outside and looking at stars! Richard loves the observatory, and is super excited for the telescope classes this year.

Trip Tsar: Minjue Wu ‘22

Treasurer: Cam Morgan ‘23

Cameron is a junior in Leverett House studying Astrophysics. He has an obsession with all things space and loves dreaming about humanity’s future among the stars. He is excited to return to campus so he can spend time with friends, go to the observatory, and enjoy campus life again!

Officers Emeriti

Below is an incomplete list of our graduated board members. Their dedication and hard work will be missed!


President: Kidus Negesse ’22, Vice President: Ana Humphrey ’23, Communications Chair: Jaxson Hill ’23 Observatory Manager: Serena Wurmser ’23, Treasurer: Charlotte Nickerson ’23, Class Coordinator: Richard Xu ’22


President: Basil Baccouche ’20, Vice President: Kidus Negesse ’21/Kendra Wilkinson ’21, Observatory Manager: Kidus Negesse ’21, Treasurer: Kanishk Mittal ’20, Class Coordinator: Mirac Suzgun ’20


President: Rodrigo Córdova ’19, Vice President: Basil Baccouche ’20, Secretary: Kendra Wilkinson ’21, Observatory Manager: Kidus Negesse ’21, Treasurer: Matthew Spence ’20, Trip Tsar: Andrew Wang ’22, Class Coordinator: Sky Russell ’19


President: Evan Komorowski ’18, Vice President: Anthony Taylor ’18, Observatory Manager: Elba Alonso-Monsalve ’19, Treasurer: Collin Styring ’18, Secretary: Gabe Grell ’18, Class Coordinator: Rodrigo Cordova ’19, Trip Tsar: Basil Baccouche ’20, Public Liaison: Sky Russell ’20


President: Evan Komorowski ’18, Vice President: Andy Mayo ’17, Observatory Manager: Anthony Taylor ’18, Treasurer: Geoffrey Kristof ’17, Secretary: Gabe Grell ’18, Class Coordinator: Rodrigo Cordova ’19, Public Liaison: Sky Russell ’20


Chris Merchantz ’16 – President Emeritus
Nat Mayer ’16
Juliana Garcia-Mejia ’17
Kent Chan ’17
Elisabeth Meyer ’15 – President Emeritus
Josh Speagle ’15
Bethany Kanten ’15
Brian Claus ’14 – President Emeritus
Kristin Barclay ’14
Ellen Farber ’13
Tom Rice ’12 – President Emeritus
Dom Pesce ’12
Chris Jensen ’12
Marta Bryan ’12
Kevin Fogarty ’12
Sam Meyer ’13
Nick Induni ’15
Pamela Jiménez Cárdenas ’13
Peyton Greenside ’11
Kelly Brock ’11
Peter Hedman ’10 – President Emeritus
Lauren Weiss ’10
Masha Baryakhtar ’10
Ben Burns ’10
George Xu ’10
Roger Fu ’09 – President Emeritus
William Skinner ’09
Ziad El-Zaatari ’09
Christine Barron ’09
JJ Blair ’09
Megan Harney ’08
Nora Bartosik ’08