How do I join STAHR?

There are may ways to get involved with STAHR! We are mostly active on our Slack channel! Contact us at and we will assist you. Otherwise, you can start by subscribing to our main email list, STAHR-list, attending our events, and taking our telescope class (see above). If you are interested in becoming involved with STAHR on an organizational level (planning events, running telescope classes, and joining the board) you can join STAHR-dust. STAHR-dust is the “behind the scenes” list over which we announce board meetings and opportunities to help run events.

How can I attend a Dark Sky Trip?

Dark Sky Trips are announced over the Slack channel and STAHR-list one to two weeks before they occur. An interest form will be included in this email. Due to limited space, spots are given out by lottery to those who express interest. The number of Dark Sky Trips each semester varies due to the weather, but we generally hold at least one per semester.

Telescope Classes

How can I take the telescope class/get swipe access to the observatory?

Subscribe to the STAHR-list email list, join the Slack channel, and send in your application when openings are announced.  For full details, see Telescope Classes.

I finished the telescope class but still don’t have access, what should I do?

It generally takes a few days for access to be granted. If it has been over two weeks since you successfully tested out, it is likely that there was an issue entering your ID into the system. First contact your instructor, then the Class Coordinator if necessary.

I was accepted to a class but was unable to attend all of the three required classes and test out this semester, can I still finish the class?

Absolutely. Though some individuals will lose their spot due to consistent absence, many times weather and other commitments can get in the way of finishing the telescope class in one semester. If this has happened to you, reapply the following semester and include your previous instructor’s name in your application. Although re-admittance is not guaranteed, we do give priority to those individuals who were unable to finish the three required sessions due to excusable absences/weather. Readmitted individuals will have to attend the remainder of the three classes from the previous semester, in addition to one refresher session before scheduling a test out.