A glimpse inside the Loomis-Michael Observatory in the Science Center, which is managed by students and open to all of Harvard’s friends and affiliates. Friends Samuel Meyer '13 and Cameron French, an MIT graduate, visit the observatory often to look at the moon and Jupiter.

The Loomis-Michael Observatory

The Loomis-Michael Observatory is located in the Science Center at Harvard University. It is managed by students and is open to all friends and affiliates of Harvard. It houses a 10-inch refractor telescope and is used primarily for educational and recreational purposes. If you are a member of the Harvard community, you can take our telescope class to gain round-the-clock ID card access to the observatory. Each class lasts approximately one and one-half hours. Open houses and other events are also held throughout the academic year and are open to the Harvard Community.

The Observatory is located on the 10th floor of the Science Center. To get to there, take the elevator to the 8th floor and follow the signs (“TO THE TELESCOPES”) up two flights of stairs to our door on the 10th floor.

A procedures guide for the telescopes and the observatory is available here: Be sure you’re familiar with the most important guidelines before using the telescope. The guide also contains some more detailed information about using the telescope and equipment (such as using the R.A. and Dec. Coordinate Circles) not covered in our telescope training class. The class will go over the most important safety lessons that you should be aware of to use the observatory, but the procedures guide is always available in case you forget! Please do join us at the observatory! Everyone is welcome to drop by our open houses and events to take a look through the telescopes and enjoy the view of the sky – and of Boston – from the Science Center roof.