Welcome to Synthesis!

As the only national undergraduate history of science journal in the country, Synthesis receives submissions from students in universities across the country. And…you don’t even have to be a History of Science concentrator to submit. We welcome pieces from all subjects, from philosophy, to history, to ethics. Don’t miss your chance to be published in the fourth edition of Synthesis, published in the spring!

We are so excited to read your writing! So, dig out those papers and submit, submit, SUBMIT!

Submission guidelines:

  • Send your paper to harvardsynthesis@gmail.com by Monday, February 13th at 11:59 PM
  • Submit your paper double spaced in a word document. Do citations in footnote form.
  • There are no maximum or minimum length requirements, although we prefer 7 to 15 page papers. (Junior tutorial or thesis chapter submissions are welcome; we usually publish one per issue).
  • If selected, you must write a short abstract of your paper and be willing to work with our editors to edit the paper.

Here’s a sampling of courses in which you may have written qualifying pieces (although, the sky’s the limit!):

Culture and Belief 34: Madness and Medicine
Culture and Belief 47: The Darwinian Revolution
Freshman Seminar 21y: The Art and Politics of Molecular Biology
Freshman Seminar 45m: The Concept of Race in Science and Medicine in the United States

ANY History of Science course

…And many others!

Please email Helen Yang at harvardsynthesis@gmail.com if you have any questions!