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Harvard Taiwanese Cultural Society is a student-run organization at Harvard College dedicated to promoting the culture and heritage of Taiwan and Taiwanese-Americans. From cultural events like making dumplings (from scratch!) to social events like karaoke to special events like our annual Nightmarket, TCS explores the Taiwanese culture from a variety aspects! Our goal is to enhance awareness of Taiwanese culture and to provide a place for those interested in Taiwan to further develop their understanding.

Vision: To foster a community in which people of all backgrounds can share, explore, and further develop an interest in Taiwanese culture.
Mission: We are a student-run organization at Harvard College dedicated to promoting the culture and heritage of Taiwan and Taiwanese-Americans. One primary quality you'll notice about TCS is our tight knit family-like structure. As one of the most active organizations on campus, TCS puts on many events each semester, sharing the joys and wonders of Taiwanese culture.

Check out our constitution or our Facebook page for more info!


2019 Board


Alex Lin '19,

Alex is a junior in Kirkland House studying Computer Science. Though he grew up in New Jersey, Alex travels to Taiwan every summer and has met up with several members of TCS during these visits. Besides being involved in TCS, he is also an active member of HAUSCR and AADT. In his free time, Alex enjoys drinking bubble tea, playing piano, and meeting new people!


Alex Pai '19,

Alex is a junior HDRB concentrator from sunny LA now living in Kirkland House. Some things he likes, in no particular order: Federer, sisig, volleyball, Korean saunas, Swarm, James Bay, root beer, GoT, pork blood rice cakes with cilantro and peanut flour, TCS, EDM, late-night walks, Gudetama, karaoke, grass jelly, the theory of intersectionality, and Ice Monster.


Curtis Hsu '19,
Vice President (Internal)

Curtis is a junior in Mather House studying statistics and economics. He enjoys dancing, meeting new people, being loud, traveling, Chipotle (through and through), holding hats but not wearing them, taking excessive pictures with an iPhone camera, and listing things.


Michelle Ko '19,
Vice President (External)

Michelle is a junior in Dunster House and studies Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. Originally from Cockeysville, Maryland, she loves research, creative writing, and learning languages. She loves reading fantasy novels and is always open to talking about Game of Thrones!


Jessica Lin '19,

Jessica is a junior in Adams house. Originally from Brookline, MA, she is concentrating in history of science and chemistry. She used to to an avid figure skater, and now she is involved in Y2Y, the young adult homeless shelter, and An Evening with Champions. Like past TCS secretaries, she firmly believes the passion fruit green tea with lychee jelly is the best drink at Boston Tea Stop.


Allison Kao '20,
Finance Chair

Allison is a sophomore in Dunster House studying Computer Science and Neurobiology. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Allison enjoys watching Cavs games, running, and eating anything sweet. She's excited to be a part of the TCS family and can't wait to meet you all!


Stephanie Cheng '20,
Publicity Chair

Stephanie is a sophomore in Eliot House. She plans on studying either Biomedical Engineering or Integrative Biology. Stephanie was born in California and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. In her free time, she loves to make art, play her ukulele, drink tea, and watch TV shows on Netflix!


Khai-Leif Nguyen-Hille '20,
Co-Social Chair

Khai is a sophomore in Pfoho, planning on concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Statistics or Psychology. Born in New York City but raised in Dallas, Texas, Khai loves traveling, fencing, ballroom dance, and trying tasty foods. But most of all, he looks forward to spending time with his friends in TCS!


Michael Tai '20,
Co-Social Chair

Michael is a sophomore in Cabot House. Originally from New Jersey, he is planning to study computer science on the Mind, Brain, Behavior track. He is also involved club fencing and enjoys playing the violin and piano. His favorite forms of entertainment include police procedurals and British game shows. He is looking forward to the new year and being a part of TCS board!


Sabrina Chern '20,
Recruitment Chair

Sabrina is a sophomore in Eliot planning on concentrating in Chemistry or Chemistry/Physics. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she loves playing the violin, reading, cooking, and devoting her whole life to TCS.


Michael Chen '20,
Campus Chair

Michael is a sophomore living in Adams and is concentrating in Applied Mathematics. In addition to TCS, he is involved in club tennis, pops orchestra, and research on campus. He enjoys eating acai bowls/sushi, hiking, playing board games, and being part of the TCS family.


Michelle Ko '18,
Cultural Chair

Michelle is a senior in Kirkland. She's originally from sunny Southern California (what is snow? when will it stop raining?) and she is concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in English. Michelle enjoys dancing, listening to music, watching TV/ movies, and most importantly eating, as evidenced by her Snap Stories. Michelle's very excited to be part of TCS Family and can't wait for all to come in this upcoming year!


Andrew Chang '18,
Educational Chair

Andrew is a senior in Mather house. He concentrates in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. Born in Taiwan and raised in mainland China, Andrew is intrigued by topics surrounding international relations. He is so excited to meet all of you at TCS events in the near future!


Andy Wang '18,
Alumni Relations Chair

Andy is a senior in Mather House, with a concentration in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. He grew up in Taiwan and Canada, and loves being in Boston. He likes eating mango shaved ice, playing volleyball and viola, and watching TV shows and movies. What he loves most about TCS is the family!

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