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Set in the 25th century, humanity has colonized a good chunk of the galaxy, there are now significant human settlements on over 60 planets. There are about two dozen core systems which were settled in the first hundred years or so of human spaceflight and have populations in excess of a hundred million people each, and at least another 40 more recently colonized systems.

The core systems are ruled by the United League of Nations and Planets (ULNP) commonly called the League. This organization is highly bureaucratic and conflicts between its departments, bureaus, charters, and organizations are legendary, they on some occasions they have even erupted into large scale armed conflict. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many people do no exactly like living under this sort of regime, so many frontier planets are independent of the Leauge. Nominally the league claims dominion over all human habitation, but it is usually sufficiently ineffective at actually enforcing this claim on planets that are months by fast ship from the core that they are for all intents and purposes independent planets.

If the name wormhole is taken literally, then the universe is one bad apple, riddled with wormholes. It is a good thing too, if wormholes were a bit less closely spaced, the modern galactic civilization and economy would not be possible.

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