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Imagining Your Character


There's no formal procedure for generating characters in Bad Apple, but this section will walk you through some questions that might help you get a handle on how to define your character in an interesting way.

First think about your character's backstory -- where does he or she come from, and how has that shaped your character's values, hang-ups, and interests? Then, try to pick some Characteristics that go with your backstory. The Characteristics are grouped into categories for easy reference; there are no hard-and-fast requirements, but you might try to pick out at least one Characteristic for your body, one for your mind, one for your personality, etc. Note that, all else being equal, Characteristics tend to offer you a net benefit, so the GM might specify a limit on how many 'uniqueness points' you have to spend on Characteristics.

Once you've chosen your Characteristics, you then have to fill in some of the gaps by electing certain talents. The database at the bottom of the page really helps with that. Try to strike a balance between choosing talents that enhance your character's story and choosing talents that will help your character get really good at strategically useful skills. The more talent you have in any given area, the cheaper it is to buy skill ranks using Experience Points (XP).

Finally, fill out your Skill table using the costs specified by your mix of talents. The GM will tell you how many experience points your character starts the adventure with, and you can earn more along the way by participating (plus a bonus for succeeding) in various episodes. The first few skill ranks might represent natural talent or ability, but, in general, you cannot gain significant skill ranks in a field unless your character has spent at least some time practicing or training in it, or at least 'learning by doing' at the school of hard knocks.

The Backstory

These questions will help you vividly imagine your character, get in touch with his or her motivations, and predict what your character will do next.

The Characteristics

Note that the answers to each of these questions will generally suggest a formal Characteristic that can be selected from the Characteristics page.

The Skills

These questions will help you fill out your character's Skills table.

Crunching the Numbers

We have a new character spreadsheet (spreadsheet.xlsx spreadsheet.ods) that handles autocalculating a lot of the things your characters need that helps with the calculations for making characters.


Each column has: Cost in points, Pool Modifiers, Characteristic title, then 1 for Minor affinity and 3 for Major affinity next to every related skill, then at the bottom, Non-Skill bonuses.

ranks and higher Tiers)

current experience to spend. Cell F1 is the difference (unspent experience)

Technical Details

The character spreadsheet was mostly automatically generated from the text of the skill list with a python script to make it easier to keep it up to date with skill changes. If you want to interact with the script, contact Tom and he will hook you up.

Here is a list of the changes that were made after running the script, if you make changes, add them to the list so we will know how to regenerate if the skill list changes and we rerun the script.

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