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'Required Background Knowledge' Specs: In the fantasy world, people weren't always exposed to as wide a variety of situations and knowledge as they are in the modern or especially future settings. Thus, it requires some background experience to be able to do certain things at all, even if your ranks in higher level skills might normally suggest a talent in that area. The following is only a small sample, it will be added to, but suggests the sort of things. The names will probably be improved later.

Formal Education You can take ranks in and use any intellectual skill.

Is a Weirdo that isn't properly afraid of the water You can use the swim skill, and you don't freak out if for some reason you are in deep or fast moving water. Most sailors don't have this.

Knows How to Ride You can use any skill under Ride Animal.

Healer You may use any skill under Healing, except Surgery.


You may enter a battlerage. While in this state, you ignore all mental penalties, spend only half Wit on combat actions, may regain Wind as if you were resting. You spend 1 Sanity every other tick, starting the tick you enter this state.

Press the Attack:

After depriving a foes of their weapon, via such means as a disarm or sunder attack, you may make a free attack against them, at a +5 bonus, with no additional multitasking penalties.

Dispatch the Fallen:

After tripping or knocking down a foe, you gain a free attack against them with a +5 bonus, with no additional multitasking penalties.

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