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Skill checks are a d20 (usually) roll either opposed by another character's skill check or against a fixed target. With any check you compute delta, how much you beat or missed your target/opponent. You "spend" this delta according to the skill description to determine what affect your skill use has, how long it takes, how much effort or focus it costs, and the like.

If you are performing a skill you are comfortable with and in not too stressful conditions, you may be able to roll 2d10 or 5d4 instead of 1d20, reducing the randomness of the skill check (and increasing the average result).

If you have at least five ranks in a skill and you are not under any particular pressure you may roll 2d10 on a check.

If you have at least 10 ranks in a skill and are performing a routine task, you may roll 5d4.

You can aid yourself or another character on a skill with another skill that is relevant (GM will tell you). Depending on relevent the secondary skill is or how easy it is for another to help the GM may assign a bonus or penalty on the aid roll. The target for an aid roll is half of the main check plus 5. Every 2 delta adds or subtracts one from the main skill check

Aid bonus = ((Aid roll) - ((Main roll)/2 + 5))/2

If multiple characters or skills are used to aid, resolve them one at a time increasing the target for prior aids when resolving later aids.

What skill ranks approximately mean 10: Trained but unremarkable professional 15: Skilled professional 20: Locally renowned 30: "Nationally" (meaning of national can vary for setting) renowned 40: Quite possibly the most skilled alive 50: Legendary, quite possibly the most skilled to ever live









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