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Proposed Rule System

We could use pools to represent wear and tear on starships (though we might want to have them use different names)

Physical Pools represent the physical limits on a starship

Wind: Capacitors, Ice,

Stamina: System margin/durability, Armor Temperature

Body: System/Hull Damage, Spare parts

Mental Pools Represent Crew Capacity

Wit: Crew Morale

Focus: Crew Fatigue

Health: Crew Injury and death

The recovery times may be different, I still need to think about that.

Recovering Body on a starship costs money, we don't need to track costs on other physical pools, it will just come out recovery trickle down.

Physical penalties affect systems functioning, ability to absorb damage, etc

Mental penalties affect ability to respond to situations quickly, checks the crew makes.

The ships captain can help the crew recover Wit with inspire checks

The ships engineering crew (usually lead by a PC engineer) can make engineering checks to speed up recovery of physical pools.


Numbers and physics coming here. Tom has worked out a bit of stuff, but it is not quite organized/correct enough to post. If anyone is willing to brave some relatively hardcore physics calculations, Tom would like someone to bounce ideas off of and help check things for correctness.

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