General information:

Harvard's only percussion ensemble, THUD performs a wide variety of repertoire, ranging from STOMP-style pieces featuring brooms, dinnerware, or red party cups, to more classical percussion ensemble music with mallet/military/African/brazilian instruments. THUD is a great group for percussionists on campus. We have players from all levels, those who recently picked up drumset to those who are classically trained and have played for years.

THUD holds two full-length concerts per year, at the end of each semester. We also perform on Arts First Weekend, and occasionally we are asked to open for other groups or shows, from a capella in Sanders to IMPACT in the Leverett Dining Hall. Each concert, the group plays one or two large pieces that include the whole ensemble. Other pieces are smaller ensembles, standard ensemble repertoire, solos (snare, marimba, set, etc), and improvisations (particularly 'jams').. We also sometimes participate in outside programs doing clinics for elementary school kids.

In the spring of 2005, THUD was involved in "GRAFFITI", the show dedicated to bringing "unauthorized expression on a public surface" to the LoebEx. The show was a collaboration between THUD, TAPS Dance Company, and other performers on and off the Harvard campus; it featured drumming, dancing, dj-ing, spoken word, graffiti painting, and various combinations thereof. For a write-up of the show in the Harvard Crimson, click here.



Interested in joining THUD?

THUD rehearses on Monday nights from 10-12pm in Lowell Lecture Hall. We also get one dress rehearsal before the concert, as well as having small get-togethers on pieces that don't require traditional percussion instruments.


We will be holding auditions for the 2007-2008 school year on Monday, September 17th, from 10pm-midnight in Lowell Lecture

Hall. This is a chance for us to talk to you to determine what kind of background you have in percussion, and for you to show off a little of what you know! We have a wide range of instruments available, so you can play almost anything that you desire (snare, mallets, set, latin/african, etc). No scales or rudiments are required (although if you feel that these will best show us your abilities, than go ahead by all means!)

AUDITION TIMES: We will have a sign-up sheet posted in Lowell Lecture Hall from 9:30 - 10, where you can choose a 10-15 minute time slot between 10pm-12am to come back (you don't need to stick around for the full 2 hours). We hope that this will be the most efficient way to hold auditions and try to coordinate the use of instruments.


We are also looking for persons who would like to compose or arrange music for percussionists! This can be on 'traditional' percussion instruments, but we have also used red party cups, brooms, dinnerware, etc... anything that you can make a rhythm with, we can play.

If you have any questions about THUD or about percussion at Harvard in general contact us at

We hope to see you in the fall!