Tiananmen Symposium 2011

Students who took the Tiananmen seminar in 2011 organized a class symposium to present their studies. The symposium was the subject of at least 14 media stories. For more information about Symposium 2011, visit the website here.

Our seminar instructor Rowena He.

Our seminar instructor Rowena He.

Professor MacFarquhar giving the closing remarks.

Professor Merle Goldman during Q&A session.


Professor Michael Szonyi with two Canadian student panelists.


2011 Statement

We are a group of freshman students at Harvard College hailing from different regions of the world and embodying a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and perspectives.

We were not even born in 1989, but we were brought together by the freshman seminar “Rebels with a Cause: Tiananmen in History and Memory” taught by Dr. Rowena He. From our short time together, we have studied the primary source materials of the Movement, heard personal accounts of student leaders themselves, and explored the Tiananmen archives of the Harvard–Yenching Library. We imagined ourselves into the minds of the authorities and civilians, touched the protesters’ blood-stained clothes, and re-enacted the night of June 3rd, trying to put ourselves in the shoes of the protesters who were around the same age as we are now in the middle of the movement. We have debated and questioned everything along the way.

This conference is our way of presenting our studies. There have been hundreds of Tiananmen conference in the past 22 years all over the world, but we are excited that for the first time we as freshmen are putting together a conference on the 1989 Tiananmen Movement. It is our hope that through this forum we may give a voice to those who were silenced and that voice will help keep the memory of June 4th alive. Our learning experience shows that with free access to information and free inquiry, young people can indeed explore history and make up our own minds about truths.

We would like to join the effort of a greater union of individuals across continents, language barriers, and political ideologies in building a world of freedom, peace and democracy for all people.

Join us!


Michael Altman, Leslie Arffa, Peter Chase, Nathan Flores, William Hakim, Rebecca Kwan, Katrina Malakhoff, Gorick Ng, Annie Qin, Reed Simmons, Simon Thompson, Kevin Wu, Greg Yang, Jonathan Zhou

Freshman Seminar 46t, 2010


在1989年,我们都还没有出生,但我们上学期一起修了何晓清博士开的关于六四的课:“有目标的反叛: 天安门运动的历史与记忆”。在这门课上,我们读了有关天安门民主运动的原始材料,听了当年学生领袖的自述,查阅了哈佛燕京图书馆的天安门档案。我们试图体味当局与民众的不同心态,我们目睹了示威者的血衣,我们还通过表演,重现1989年6月3日夜晚的历史场面,想像当年与我们年龄相仿的学生们的真切感受。我们提出许多问题,在辩论与思考中学习。



Harvard Gazette

Echoes of Tiananmen Square

Freshman seminar aims to keep alive memories of ’89 crackdown

By Alexandra Perloff-Giles ’11, Harvard Correspondent

The Trend

The Trend in Hong Kong features Harvard’s Tiananmen course and symposium in its May issue for the 22nd Tiananmen anniversary. It includes four pieces – a commentary by professor Wu Guoguang, an interview with Rowena He by professor Cheng Yinghong, opening remarks by professor Mark Elliott (translated by professor Guo Jian), and closing remarks by Professor Roderick MacFarquha (translated by Bao Pu, editor of Prisoner of the State: Zhao’s Secret Memoir).

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