F r o s h  D o r m s
W E L D   H A L L


About Weld

Weld Hall (the coolest and best dorm ever) has five floors of rooms and a basement. Aside from the first and fifth floors, there are 7 rooms (I think Floor 5 has 5 rooms) and communal bathrooms on each floor. The two rooms on the first floor have private bathrooms. Room 52 is GIGANTIC. Generally there are 6 people per suite who share 2 doubles, 2 singles, and a common room (there is a 3-man suite on the fifth floor and some 5-person ones too, I think). The rooms are pretty big, each has a window, and the heating isn't bad at all. Just get used to hearing the church bells every morning because the windows don't block out much noise. My roommates and I lotteried the rooms out at the start of each semester (word of advice - don't let parents become involved in room selection! It can get ugly). Weld is unique in its layout - the floors are long and open and connected by two staircases (so you can stand on the fifth floor and see all the way down to the first). And, we have an elevator, which comes in really handy for suitcases. In the basement, we have a common room (TV/video machine, kitchen, vending machines), laundry machines, the laundry depot (for HSA laundry service), the Yard office (in case your keycard stops working), some office with sticky tack (for hanging up posters), and Security in case you lock yourself out of your room (which most people do at least once). Weld's location is great. It's close to classes, both freshmen and upperclassmen dining halls, and in between the MAC and the law school gym (which I'd recommend going to, it's about 2 minutes left of Annenberg). And you can't get any closer to Widener!


Dorm from the Outside

01 Weld DD 02 Weld DD 03 Weld DD 04 Weld ST
05 Weld ST  

Room in Weld

06 Room SMW 07 Room SMW 08 Room SMW 09 Room SMW

Another Room in Weld

11 Room BA 12 Room BA 13 Room BA  


Text by Baillie Aaron '07
Photos by Didi Mitova '07, Baillie Aaron '07, Shi Ming Wong '07 and Sergey Trishin '05

Sergey Trishin, 2005.