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Welcome Class of 2018!

About Us

The Undergraduate Admissions Council (UAC) is responsible for hosting visiting students, returning to their high schools to relate their experiences at the College, and call, congratulate, and serve as mentors for admitted students. We also play a major role in greeting, hosting, and entertaining more than a thousand admitted students who are invited to campus for three days for the April Visiting Program, Visitas. Through opportunities like this, admitted students can begin to build their personal Harvard "community" long before they set foot in a classroom. For many current undergraduates, Visitas marked their "aha" moment of decision making; those three days were what made Harvard real, inviting, and most importantly, a place that could become a future home. Join the UAC family!


Return to High School Program

We are looking for Harvard students to go back to high schools in their hometown over break to give presentations about Harvard. The Admissions Committee relies on current students to reach out to high schoolers and act as a liaison between Harvard and their communities. Previously students have hailed from Boston to Boise, Switzerland to Morocco. Training will take place for an hour and pizza will be provided. Dates TBD.


Twice every school year, the UAC hosts two Call-A-Thons. One is for early admits, the other for regular admits. We are looking for current Harvard students to welcome admits into the community and answer any questions. Food will be served.

The next Call-a-Thon will be held on


Visiting Harvard?

If you are a prospective student who is a senior and are planning on visiting Harvard, please call the admissions office (617-495-1551) 3 weeks in advance to inform them of your visit. The staff in the admissions office can find you accommodations on campus, help you determine how and when to arrive, as well as provide you with other pertinent information. When you arrive on campus, we recommend that you go to Agassiz House (5 James St), where you can take a tour and attend an informational session. From Thanksgiving through March, the information session and tour sequence begins each weekday at 2 P.M., and starting April 1, info sessions and tours will be available Monday through Saturday at 10 AM and 2 PM.

Can't Visit in Person?
That's okay.

We have plenty of online resources listed below. You can read current (and past) Harvard undergradutes' experiences on the student blogs, browse through the 3,500+ courses online, find a student run club that will suit you, or visit the Harvard Events or Gazette Calendar to see what is happening today. Check out our Google+ page to watch videos from students. Additionally you can contact the UAC or the Admissions Office.
We look forward to hearing from you.


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Get ready for a weekend of fun! We are so excited to meet the Class of 2018.
VISITAS 2014 will take place on:

Saturday, April 26 to Monday, April 28

For questions about VISITAS, e-mail visitas@fas.harvard.edu


Eating at Annenberg, attending lectures with world-famous professors, meeting up with friends, watching Harvard beat Yale. Share your daily experiences at Harvard College with high school seniors who are interested in applying to Harvard. Sign up to host prospective students during term time. We'll send you an e-mail with a list of students visting, and if you have time, you can reply to the e-mail with who you'd like to host.

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For general inquiries, e-mail: harvarduac@gmail.com