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Get excited!! Under Construction’s fall concert, “Jamming in the Deep,” is happening this Friday at 8pm in Lowell Lecture Hall, and features songs ranging from gospel to hymns to Christian rap to secular mainstream! And, it’s 100% free! (and so are the refreshments that follow. Friday? More like Freeday. We just love you guys that much).

Also, our concert features an opening performance from Boston Found; check them out here —
Can’t wait to see you there!


Thank you!

Thank you so much for your votes and your support for UC this weekend! We want to thank God for blessing UC to move on to the final round of the competition. You can check out more information on the competition by visiting the following page–

As UC will be practicing and prepping for our concert and the competition, please keep us in your prayers. Also we would love to have you join us for our concert on Dec. 2nd (Friday) and/or for the competition itself on Dec. 4th (Sunday). As 25% of our total score for the final competition is based on the crowd reaction, we really encourage you to join us. Please spread the word!

Again, thank you always for your support.

Also–UC will be singing at Harvard’s Diversitas gig at 7:30pm this Wed. and this Saturday at a concert hosted by HBV.

Vote for UC!

Bristol studios, a recording studio that UC has worked with before, is hosting an a cappella competition called “A Cappella Armageddon.” We went in for our first round audition last night to sing for the judges, but 10% of our score comes from how many votes we receive from our fans, and this is where you come in!

Please support us by voting for Under Construction NOW in the following page:

We haven’t participated in a competition like this in recent times and, if God willing, we would love to be able to testify God’s love and grace in a different context. Mostly, please keep us in your prayers for the competition and for our ministry on Harvard’s campus.

Lastly, our fall concert is December 2nd at 8pm in Lowell Lecture Hall. We would love to see you there!