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WEG is you - As a female concentrator in economics, government, or social studies you are already a member of WEG. Those of you who are considering joining these departments or are primarily interested in these fields are warmly welcomed to become an active participant in WEG.


WEG is a support organization established to address the needs and interests of undergraduate women studying Economics, Government, or Social Studies at Harvard University.


WEG exists to encourage and facilitate interaction between students and:

* Faculty

Are you looking for a thesis advisor? Do you want to discuss you academic interests with a professor in that field? Are you short on ideas for summer or post-graduate plans? Then keep an eye out during the year for cheese and cracker receptions, faculty dinners, and other events involving experts in the areas of Economics, Government, or Social Studies.

* Departments

Do you ever wonder who is available for concentration advising? How your department is structured? When important deadlines are? What resources are available? Then get ready for newsletters full of concentration information, bulletins reminding you of deadlines, and events bringing together departments and students.

* Other students

Would you like to get to know your classmates better? Do you need to exchange notes, form study groups, or buy/sell textbooks? Wouldn’t it be great to get honest advice and ideas from peers about academics, extracurriculars, and career goals? Then dig yourself out from under those books, lose the laptop, and take part in our book exchange, mentoring program, study group program, study breaks, WEG outings, and some serious female bonding.

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