9:00AM-10:00AM | Breakfast & Reflection Groups
Each participant will be placed into smaller Reflection Groups with one Board Member, who leads a discussion on previous day’s panel or short readings from the Sourcebook. Each Reflection Group consists about 6-7 members, and the group is a way to ensure quality conversations that complement the workshops and panels. The Reflection Groups are meant to be thought-provoking and foster “families” within WLC.
10:00AM- 11:00AM | Leadership Styles Workshop
Lead by Elizabeth J. Altman, a doctoral student in Management at the Harvard Business School, this session will introduce the variety of leadership skills successful women and men utilize. Prior to Altman’s role, Altman was vice president of business development in Motorola’s Mobile Devices business. During Altman’s 18 year career at Motorola, she served in various executive and leadership positions including roles in industrial design, product development engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and strategy. Altman鈥檚 main areas of expertise include business and innovation strategy, business development, & equity investing, developing and managing strategic alliances and technology licensing. Altman earned dual graduate degrees in mechanical engineering and management as a fellow in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology鈥檚 Leaders for Manufacturing Program. She earned her undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University and serves on the Cornell University Board of Trustees and the President鈥檚 Council of Cornell Women. Altman is a co-author of the book The Innovator鈥檚 Guide to Growth (Harvard Business Press, 2008).
11:00AM- 12:15PM | Personal Finance Workshop
Manisha Thakor is on a mission to help American women learn how to live their lives from a position of financial strength. Manisha鈥檚 financial literacy advocacy work has been featured in national publications such as: The New York Times, BusinessWeek, US News & World Report, Glamour, Real Simple, and Women鈥檚 Day. Manisha鈥檚 national TV appearances include CNN, CNBC, and NBC Nightly News. In addition to blogging about personal finance for The Huffington Post, Manisha is a bi-monthly contributor to the NPR show “51% 鈥 The Women鈥檚 Perspective,” monthly columnist for Military.com, and periodic web contributor for NOW on PBS. Prior to this Manisha spent 15 years working in the financial services industry as an analyst, portfolio manager, and client service executive. Manisha received her BA from Wellesley College in 1992, her MBA from Harvard Business School in 1997 and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder. Manisha and her husband split their time between Houston, TX and Santa Fe, NM.
12:30PM-2:00PM | Faculty Luncheon at Faculty Club
WLC invites over fifteen faculty members from all over the college to mingle with the participants over a splendid lunch at the Faculty Club. Students often stumble upon meaningful connections with the people they sit with at the Faculty Luncheon.
2:00PM-2:30PM | Break
Sit back and relax with the other participants!
2:30PM-4:30PM | Pursuing Your Passions Panel
Hear from a panel of accomplished women. Women who have expertise in finance, marketing and business development spanning strategic planning, brand development, material sourcing optimization and process improvement; or women who have worked with hundreds of clients ranging from international non-profit organizations to multinational corporations and from teams of venture-backed entrepreneurs to classrooms of at-risk youth; or who have graduated cum laude from Harvard University and are in law, medicine, and more. Past panelists have been recognized in Seventeen magazine, SELF magazine, The Huffington Post and USA Today College, featured in The New York Times, Yahoo Finance, CNN Money, AOL Money College, CBS MoneyWatch, The Boston Globe, U.S. News & World Report, Business Insider, and on New England Cable News, ABC News Now and Fox25 News, among others. Former panelists have also been named to Inc.magazine’s 30 Under 30 Coolest Young Entrepreneurs, Glamour magazine’s 20 Amazing Young Women, and The Boston Globe’s 25 Most Stylish Bostonians. Again, all accomplished women who pursued their own passions and will inspire you to do the same for yourself.
4:00PM-6:00 | WLC Scavenger Hunt
A fun activity that allows you to know Cambridge and the other women at the conference.
6:00PM-7:00PM | Dinner
9:00PM-10:00PM | Movie Social