Testimonials from former participants

The Women’s Leadership Conference not only catalyzed many deep friendships and relationships with accomplished and positive Harvard and Radcliffe women, it also has continued to provide guidance throughout the years. Lessons learned during the WLC have sunk in and evolved in my interpretation as I have matured and explored different career possibilities. If I had to name the three most influential experiences during my time at Harvard, the Women’s Leadership Conference would most certainly be one of them.
Stephanie Louise, 2008 WLC Participant
The conference taught me what Harvard doesn’t teach in class. It gave tips on how to live life — as a student, as an aspiring career woman, as a leader, as a person who wants to enjoy life. Besides the panel discussions with inspirational women in various fields, I learned most from talking to other members during dinner or the socials. Each and every one of them were leaders on their own right who had something to share. They challenged me to think and broaden my perspective. The conference has given me a new group of life-long friends and mentors.
Karen Kim, 2010 WLC Participant, 2012 WLC Co-Chair
Meeting with female political leaders inspired me to be persistent. One particularly valuable activity was writing and evaluating a list of my goals, many of which had previously seemed so personal and unattainable that I had been afraid to even say them out loud. By writing down my goals and learning how to think about them in a more positive and productive way, I have become more of a self-starter this year. I have sought out opportunities (such as internships, jobs, and extracurricular classes) MYSELF instead of waiting for someone to tell me what to do. This process has been difficult, but I really have grown stronger with minor rejection, and the occasional victories feel truly won.
Katherine Walecka, 2009 WLC Participant
Attending the Women’s Leadership Conference motivated me to be more assertive and to take more of an active role in everything I do, whether it’s speaking up in class or seeking out extracurricular and summer opportunities. Each day, I learned from the amazing and diverse group of who led informative and inspiring workshops, but I found that I learned as much, if not more, from conversations and examples set by the other conference participants. In just six days, I made lasting friendships, reflected on where I see myself in 5 or 10 years, and learned the leadership skills that will help me get there. I couldn’t think of a better way to start the year.
Rachel Neiger, 2009 WLC Participant, 2010 WLC Co-Chair
The WLC gave me the opportunity to meet incredible undergraduate leaders who I may not have met otherwise. These women, along with the many speakers, were truly inspiring. They motivated and continue to motivate me to pursue excellence in all areas of my life. The speakers showed me that I don’t have to have a set plan for my life, simply pursuing what I love will bring success and happiness to my life. Attending WLC was one of the most rewarding, unexpected, and enjoyable times I have had at Harvard, and I would highly encourage all undergraduates to attend.
Paige Livingston, 2009 WLC Participant
The Women’s Leadership Conference gave me the tools to become not only a better leader, but also to make the most of my opportunities and resources at Harvard. Participating in this group gave me a close network of motivated and inspirational fellow-leaders to learn from and, even better, have a great six days with. I value my participation in the conference as one of the most formative and positive experiences of my Harvard career.
Catherine Morris, 2009 WLC Participant
The Women鈥檚 Leadership Conference is more than a forum for women – it is an opportunity to involve myself with a diverse, extremely talented group of women from all cross-sections of this school and make life-long friends. It is astounding how much one can learn from working together, giving encouragement, and sharing ideas, opinions, and advice. While a part of the Women鈥檚 Leadership Conference, I continued building a foundation on leadership skills, here on the Harvard campus, and even the greater Boston neighborhood. All the while, I was encouraged to build relationships with other participants and be inspired by the guest speakers.
Rachel Bervell, 2010 WLC participant, 2010-2012 Leadership Development Co-Chair
The Women’s Leadership Conference was the perfect experience to bring me into my junior year at Harvard. At a time where I was feeling very nervous about the near end of my college career and the vastness of the “real world,” WLC encouraged me to be proactive, follow my passions, and helped me understand the unique situation and opportunity that today’s educated woman is faced with.
Keara Cormier-Hill, 2010 WLC participant