Meet the Board



Celina Hollmichel

Celina is a Junior from Oranienburg who is living in Winthrop House under normal circumstances. She is currently working on her joint concentration in Government and East Asian Studies and also really enjoys learning languages. Celina has been involved with Woodbridge since her Freshmen year and is super excited to be Co-Presidents with Nicole this year. Outside of Woodbridge, Celina loves to try new dishes, is a semi-successful part of the Women’s Club Lacrosse team, and has found her new passion as a PAF. Her goal for this semester is to encourage herself and others to overcome the awkwardness of meeting new people online.


Nicole Kagan

Nicole is a junior from Sydney, Australia studying Economics, with a secondary in Computer Science and language citations in Russian and German. Usually, you’d find her in Mather, but right now she’s back home down under. Twice a FIP leader, Nicole is extremely excited to serve with Celina as a Woodbridge Co-President this year. Outside of Woodbridge, you’ll find Nicole getting into arguments with people as part of the Harvard College Debating Union, teaching statistics sections or tutoring writing, and conducting research with various graduate students and faculty members in the fields of economics and political science. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys talking herself out of going to the gym.

Pub & Tech


Marcos Rios

Marcos is a sophomore from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He would have lived in Leverett House and is concentrating in Applied Math with a focus in Data Science. He actively enjoys being part of the international community and thinks understanding different cultures have a great impact in developing your world perspective. Besides Woodbridge, he’s the Co-President for the SEAS Chapter of Engineers without Borders, and part of the Harvard Band, where he played the trumpet on campus. He loves meeting new people and is always open to fun and new activities. This semester he’s really excited to work with Cana as Woodbridge Technology Co-chair.


Cana Nakase

Cana is a sophomore in Pforzheimer House from Tokyo, Japan. She is studying Applied Mathematics/Economics and French and will be serving as one of the publicity and technology co-chairs. Her favorite memory with Woodbridge is the first-year silent disco during FIP. Outside of Woodbridge, Cana is a member of the Harvard Cheerleading team, where she still struggles to understand the game of American football. She also enjoys travelling (when things were different), discovering delicious food places around the Square, advocating for the metric system, and not knowing how to spell thank to her British, Australian, and Canadian teachers!

Large Social Chairs


Mari Kikuta

Mari is a large social chair and a freshman from Japan! She wants to concentrate in computational neuroscience and is currently pursuing remote research at McLean Hospital. She adores growing baby house plants into a large pot of greens and going on a run with her dog. Performing tea ceremony and cooking are also her thing, so catch her making her favorite cheat meal nachos!

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Julie Alarifi

Julie is a sophomore from Saudi Arabia who would’ve enjoyed living at Lowell house under normal circumstances, but is currently living on the island of Bahrain. She is planning on concentrating in Bioengineering and is Woodbridge’s Social Publicity Chair. Thanks to FIP, despite being far from home, she immediately felt welcomed by the international community and enjoyed the unique perspectives, interesting people, and  different cultures that came with it! Other than being involved in on campus activities such as PBHA and WIB, her favorite thing to do is explore cambridge & boston and she has made it her goal to do something new every week (even if it’s just trying a new ice cream flavor!) 



Wesley Osogo

My name is Wesley Osogo, a freshman from Nairobi, Kenya. Like many international students I have not yet been on campus but I have been part of Wigglesworth virtually this year. I am currently undecided about my concentration but could possibly end up in Applied Math. I am super excited to be part of the international community at Harvard and look forward to the coming year!
Fun fact: I have watched The Office show seven times through!

Inner Social Chair

Nora Marzouqa

Advocacy Chairs


Selim Chalyshkan

Selim is a Sophomore and a proud Matherite from Kazakhstan pursuing joint concentration in Neuroscience and Philosophy. He’s very excited to serve as an Advocacy Co-Chair for Woodbridge and hopes to be helpful for all of the international students throughout the semester and beyond (message him about your concerns anytime)! Outside of Woodbridge, Selim is involved with Central Asian Student Association and neuroscience research. In his free time, he loves questioning his life choices, dancing, and spending time with his friends and family.


Tuzo Mulunda

Tuzo is a sophomore from Kenya. She should be living in Leverett (the best decision she has never made) but COVID. She is studying Applied Math because it is one of the most generic concentrations for people who don’t have a 10-year strategic plan for their lives. Outside of class, She is the co-chair of advocacy on the Woodbridge Board and an intern at The Harvard Foundation for race and intercultural relations. In her free time, she loves hanging out with Kuumba singers and Just Dance is probably the only video game she will ever be good at. Hoping to eat at Felipe’s again is one of the few things that keeps her going.

Members at Large


Micheal Zhang

Micheal is a freshman from Sydney, Australia. He is studying Applied Mathematics and Economics, and will serve as Member at Large at Woodbridge this semester. Outside of Woodbridge, Micheal is involved with the Harvard College Debating Union and the Harvard College Consulting Group. He is particularly passionate about the intersection of behavio(u)ral economics and public policy, and pursues those interests as a Research Assistant back home at the University of Sydney. He loves to play tennis, go to the beach, binge podcasts, and continue to lose money at poker games with his mates!


Dohyun Kim

Dohyun is a rising sophomore currently on leave, would be in Pfoho, considering studying Social Studies (for now…) She was born in Seoul, South Korea but grew up in Tokyo, Japan. She’s passionate about international relations, writing, sustainability… and is trying to find ways to explore them all. In her free time, she loves to go on long runs/walks with a good podcast or to look (drool?) at well-photographed pictures of food. Dohyun will serve as a Member at Large on Woodbridge this year and is excited to help make the remote/online experience better for everyone. 🙂


Arjun Bhattarai

I am Arjun from Nepal. I am planning to concentrate in Economics, and I love studying the implications of economic policies on developing countries. In my free time, I love to read and write, play soccer and go on a walk. I serve as the Member at Large for the Woodbridge Board 2021.