BIP Tech Office Hours


Looking to build a project? Need help with an app? Have an idea for a startup but just don't know where to start? Come to our Tech Office Hours to ask your questions! Sign up here for 30 minute conversations with the HCS tech team, shown below. Example problems we could help with:

  • I'm trying to build an app with my friends but we don't know the best framework to start with.
  • I'm trying to build a personal website to show employers but I don't just want to use a template.
  • I have a great idea for a startup but no idea how to start building an MVP, or where to look first for funding.
  • I'm building a webscraper for a cool data-driven project, but I'm having trouble parsing complicated websites with clunky tools to get my data.

Who can sign up?

BIP Tech Office Hours are open to anyone in the Harvard community, regardless of your participation in the BIP program.