I have this really cool idea for a project - will you guys help me?

We're usually very willing to listen to your idea, particularly if it's really crazy and will change the lives of people at Harvard and beyond. If you've got an interesting idea for a project, you should come up with a pitch and contact the HCS board. We regularly help out or take on interesting projects and give them computing resources, people resources, connections to the Harvard administration, etc. We're particularly good at absorbing projects and turning them into things that live perpetually, rather than things that die when their founder/author graduates. If you want help or resources but still want to lead your project, you should consider joining HCS and making your project an official HCS project. Then you can try to recruit a fiefdom. Er, following.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for developers for your club/website/startup, we're probably not interested and you should consider instead writing up a pitch and sending it to the hcs-jobs mailing list. If you really think we might be interested, you should still contact us. We're very friendly and usually willing to help send you in the right direction even if it doesn't involve us directly.