What is HCS?

HCS is a student organization at Harvard devoted to promoting community around computers, technology, good technology policy, and the study of computer science. We've been around since at least 1983, which gives us the fine distinction of being older than our average member. HCS members come from all fields, from History to Biology to Computer Science, and from many different parts of Harvard, from Harvard College to many different graduate schools, prominently the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

HCS was founded to publish the Harvard Computer Review and Computing@Harvard, two magazines which ultimately couldn't be as current as the internet. We've since moved on to other projects. Our longest-running and most widely recognized project provides a suite of computer services to student groups. Notably, our mailing list service has thousands of active lists and gets around ten thousand unique messages on a good day. We've been involved with helping students get connected to the campus network.

We now offer our members and the general public a wide variety of experiences and resources that ranges from community nights with food-filled fun to professional help with tech interviews and resume building. You can learn more about HCS by visiting our about page. Interested in joining? See the "How can I join HCS?" link below. You can also subscribe to any number of our mailing lists below!

HCS-Announce: This is our main mailing list through which we send general HCS announcements about member events, bootcamps, tech talks, and other cool stuff
HCS-Discuss: This is meant for general CS information at Harvard - everything from CS concentration requirements to questions about the evolving field of CS
HCS-Jobs: This is meant for deadlines and applications for CS internships and other job opportunities