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FGSU Pride

The Harvard College First Generation Student Union is concerned with the welfare and community representation of first generation students at Harvard College. For the purposes of the organization, a first generation undergraduate student shall be defined as one whose parents or guardians have not completed a course of study at an accredited four-year undergraduate institution, or an equivalent and recognized qualification abroad. FGSU also works to support low-income or under-resourced students.

FGSU has three main objectives: (1) To facilitate the transition to college for first generation students through initiatives such as providing mentorship networks and sharing academic and social resources among members; (2) To build a community among first generation Harvard students; and (3) To provide the first generation student community a platform to express its voice and to advocate for themselves.

Additionally, FGSU will seek to build more opportunities of learning for non-first generation college students, in the belief that it is important for the broader Harvard community to understand the first generation student experience. By communicating with non-first generation students, FGSU will strive to dispel any stigma or stereotype associated with the first generation identity.

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