About Us

The Harvard College Global Health Review (HCGHR) is a young, vibrant publication that catalyzes University-wide collaborations and is one of the only global health publications in the nation. Our mission is to increase awareness about global health issues and empower students to contribute to global health now and in their futures. Since being founded in the Fall of 2008 by a small group of students from the Harvard College Global Health and AIDS Coalition, the HCGHR has continued to grow and innovate.  While many of the global health opportunities available to students at Harvard involve event-planning and political advocacy efforts, the HCGHR provides a comprehensive and eclectic approach to journalistic reporting and study of global health.

This year, we expanded our staff to 50 undergraduates to accommodate growing interest in our organization and propel the expansion of our online content. We have also greatly expanded our advisory boards comprised of Harvard faculty, global health experts, and Harvard graduate students, so as to leverage the extraordinary knowledge and experience base in global health. Overall, we hope to share information that will continue to inspire and educate current and future global health leaders.  The HCGHR is available both in print and online editions.