Harvard GSAS Iranian Student Association

Harvard University provides rich resources for those who want to boost their career and opportunities. HISA provides a direct link to those resources below. There will be comprehensive description for each of links in the near future.
Planning & Timelines (College, GSAS, HES) Explore options, figure out next steps, and develop a plan for the semester, summer, or beyond.
Resumes, CVs, Cover Letters (College, GSAS, HES) Create documents that market your strengths and experience.
Making Connections (College, GSAS, HES) Gather information, advice, and possible contacts.
Job/Internship Search (College, GSAS, HES) Launch your job/internship search.
Interviewing (College, GSAS, HES) Prepare for an assessment of your qualifications.
Decision Making (College, GSAS, HES) Evaluate a job or internship offer.
Career Pathways (College, GSAS, HES) Explore 19 diverse industry clusters.
Diverse Populations (College, GSAS, HES) Learn more about programs and support available for specific populations.
eResource Library (College, GSAS, HES) Access online tools supporting each step of your job or internship search.
Job Search Toolkit
Job Search Toolkit (HLS) Explore jobs, find the right fit, prepare for the interview, wear the right suit, choose the best dress and plan your job ...