IGP goes to the big city (12/8)

This weekend IGP is heading to NEW YORK for a good time, and for some sweet improv. if you happen to be in new york this weekend, come check out our show.

IGP + Columbia’s Fruit Paunch + special guest: monologist Mark Junek
Friday, Dec. 8
Lerner C555 @ 115th and Broadway


and on Saturday night

come see us at 7 at the tank (5-10 dollar suggested donation)
it’ll be sweet
also at 8 is a group with one of our alums
and at 9 is a show of a bunch of our alums

here is how to get there
i took it straight from their website:


The Tank, at Collective: Unconscious, is located at 279 Church Street between Franklin and White.

To get to The Tank by subway take:

A, C, E, J, M, Z, N, Q, R, W, Z, or 6 to Canal Street
1 to Franklin Street


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