ham sandwich

Dear Diary,
Today the sun rose. It was beautiful. All the colors of the oceans drifted across the sky, like that day when that mischievous young boy Freddy dyed the wool of my lambs different colors, and then stole them from me like a vivacious young scalawag, while i watched, crying, my hands bound in those little plastic handcuffs he’d been given as a toy. It wasn’t until hours later that i realized they were really easy to take off. By then Freddy has sold my lambs and made a fortune. It wasn’t until years later that Freddy was put behind bars for an insider trading scandal. And who do you think tipped off the detectives that put him behind those bars? who do you think paid off the warden to put him in cell 201? and which resident of cell 201 do you think is going to make Freddy’s life a living hell, singing showtunes at all hours of the night? Tommy Jenkins. But I was the one that suggested it to him.
Criminal in cell block 202

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