Make a List

You can use this form to create a mailing list hosted by HCS.

Since you can't create group accounts that share a name with a list, you may want to avoid creating a list with a name that you may want to use later for an account. For example, choose "hcs-list" instead of "hcs", since you may want to use the latter for a group account later on.

Emails go to
Can only contain dashes (-), numbers, and lowercase letters.
This will be mailed back to you in plain text, so don't choose anything valuable.
The confirmation e-mail must be a valid Harvard e-mail address, and will be used for authorization.
If left blank the list admin e-mail will be used.

E-mail acctserv (at) hcs ( with any questions or issues, come to our weekly office hours during the term, or check out our services FAQ at!