Updates on HCS Comp

Due to situation posed by Covid-19, HCS comp this semester will look a little different than planned. The changes are outlined below:

- The remaining 2 bootcamps will still take place: Capital One will be hosting a live conference for everyone to join on Tuesday, March 31st at 6pm EST. A link to register for this Bootcamp will come out in the next few days. The last bootcamp on April 15th will be recorded, and we will set up some office hours to help with debugging / answering questions that would normally happen in person. More on this later after we see how things go at the Capital One Bootcamp.
- If you come to the live Capital One Bootcamp not only will you have a chance to talk with recruiters, but you also will not have to complete a project outside of the Bootcamp. A.k.a showing up live to the Capital One Bootcamp is less work than doing the recorded Bootcamp (we hope this incentivizes you to come to the live Capital One Bootcamp if you can).
- ONLY 2 OUT OF 4 BOOTCAMPS ARE REQUIRED to comp this semester. If you've attended both in-person Bootcamps this semester you're good, as long as you also do the social component (below).
- If you were not able to come to a social in person, sign up for a digital social at https://doodle.com/poll/vcs938aqqab5rcns. Right now there is only one time slot, next Saturday at 1 - 1:30pm EST. This is because we want to see how this event goes before planning more sessions. If everything goes well, expect another email next week with more opportunities to sign up for digital comper socials. If things do not go well, expect another email next week with a different plan. We'll be playing Jackbox games and generally having a good time! If time-zones make participation in any sort of live digital social, let us know and we'll work something out.

It's unfortunate that things have been shaken up so much with the epidemic, but we hope that you guys can still get as much out of the comp as possible! If the comp is no longer a priority for you but you're still interested in joining HCS, we'd also like to give you the option to hit "save" on your progress this semester and pick it back up when we come back to campus next fall. For example, if you've completed one Bootcamp this semester, you have the option to comp next fall only completing two of the in-person Bootcamps instead of the usual three.