Behind the Scenes


In this video, Harvard Ph.D. Candidate Emerson Morgan explains the origins of the Transmission/Transformation logo in the frontispiece from Athanasius Kircher's China illustrata.


Emerson Morgan on Kircher's China illustrata on Vimeo.


"Transmission/Transformation: Sounding China in Enlightenment Europe" was on display in Harvard's Loeb Music Library from February through May of 2012. This page seeks to convey some sense of the physical exhibition, and to document the behind-the-scenes work that went into it.


The exhibition's logo overlooking two display cases.


Items going into Case #4, Domestic Chinoiserie.


Detail of du Halde, A General History of China.


Some objects from Case #1, Chinese Music in China.


Case #5, China on the European Operatic Stage



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