A Word of Appreciation from the Co-President Cassandra

“Thank you. Truly. I am incredibly grateful for the community we have built this year and the words we’ve written, performed, heard, and shared together. A particular thank you for all your support in sending some of us across the country to compete in CUPSI — it was an unforgettable experience that reminded me why on earth we have spent the past year scrambling to anchor a space at Harvard for this imperfect, bizarre, nebulous, absolutely vital art form we call spoken word. After four straight days of listening to the words of phenomenally talented poets, from all over the country, all struggling through similar questions in a myriad of beautiful and moving ways… well, we all found ourselves reflecting hard on why spoken word matters so much, and how to push ourselves and our words always forward. Here’s another team member’s eloquent answer, which I couldn’t help but include in this email: CUPSI reminded us– “to be, to live and speak exuberantly. to say simple things in complex ways and to say complex things in simple ways. to believe that language is visceral and earth-shaking… to look for the complexities in things, to never rest with a final interpretation but rather a further question.”

~ Cassandra