Harvard Taiwanese Cultural Society is a student-run organization at Harvard College dedicated to promoting the culture and heritage of Taiwan and Taiwanese-Americans. From cultural events like making dumplings (from scratch!) to social events like karaoke to special events like our annual Nightmarket, TCS explores the Taiwanese culture from a variety aspects! Our goal is to enhance awareness of Taiwanese culture and to provide a place for those interested in Taiwan to further develop their understanding.

Vision: To foster a community in which people of all backgrounds can share, explore, and further develop an interest in Taiwanese culture.
Mission: We are a student-run organization at Harvard College dedicated to promoting the culture and heritage of Taiwan and Taiwanese-Americans. One primary quality you'll notice about TCS is our tight knit family-like structure. As one of the most active organizations on campus, TCS puts on many events each semester, sharing the joys and wonders of Taiwanese culture.

Check out our constitution or our Facebook page for more info!


2020 Board


Chris Sun '21,

Chris is a junior in Eliot House concentrating in Chemical and Physical Biology. Originally from Wellesley, MA, Chris loves watching Taiwanese rom-coms, putting together "aesthetic" pub posters for events, and taking long (unplanned) afternoon naps on the couch. He's been a part of the TCS family since his sophmore fall, and can't wait to share more of TCS's culture and community with everyone at events in the future!


Christie Hung '22,

Christie is a sophomore in Cabot House studying Chemical and Physical Biology. Christie is from New Jersey, but enjoys visiting Taiwan almost every summer for its night market, mango shaved ice, and boba. In her free time, she enjoys listening to alternative EDM music, playing violin, baking, and medical and crime drama shows.


Brandon Chen '22,
Vice President (Internal)

Brandon is a sophomore in Cabot House concentrating in government. He has been involved with TCS since freshman fall and loves the community, friendship, and food found within. In his spare time he enjoys cooking, napping, playing polo, and staring into the sky like an idiot any time a plane flies overhead.


Laura Tsai '22,
Vice President (External)

Laura is a sophomore in Cabot House majoring in History of Science. In her free time, she loves visual arts, outer space, and eating dumplings. After joining TCS as a freshman, she has found a great community within TCS, learned how to cook and prepare food at the Winthrop Grille and TCS crossovers, and even traveled to Taiwan for the first time in the summer after freshman year!


William Ho '21,
President Emeritus

William is a junior concentrating in Chemical and Physical Biology. He served as TCS Co-President in 2019, spearheading many intercultural events, and now plays an advisory role on the board. William believes that appreciation of Taiwanese culture should not be bounded by factors like ethnic origin or political stance, and he led TCS with this mentality. William also likes food *a lot* (both eating and crafting), as shows from the list of TCS' 2019 events!


Jonathan Huang '21,
Technology Chair

Jonathan is a junior in Kirkland studying Statistics and Computer Science. He is originally from Southern California and a die-hard Lakers fan. Random things he enjoys include mango shaved ice, boba, Gudetama, Ultimate Frisbee, and living off of 7-Eleven in Taiwan.


William Wu '22,
Cultural and Outreach Chair

William is a sophomore in Leverett House studying economics, with a secondary in ESPP. He grew up in Taiwan. In TCS, He helps out by planning events, giving cultural advice, finding collaboration opportunities, and connecting the group with other Taiwanese in the area. He looks forward to sharing a piece of his culture with anyone interested and facilitating cultural exchanges on campus!


Mari Chen-Fiske '23,
Alumni Relations Chair

Mari is a first year planning on concentrating in Sociology. Outside of classes, she enjoys rock climbing, listening to Radiolab, and drinking tea. Her favorite breakfast in Taiwan is a tea egg from 7/11 and a banana. Mari is looking forward to a fun and fulfilling year with TCS!


Matthew Ho '22,
Finance Chair

Matthew is a sophomore at Harvard from Los Angeles living in Quincy House. He is concentrating in Mathematics with a secondary in Computer Science. Outside of TCS, Matthew is involved with Harvard College China Forum, where he serves as Operations Chair, and MakeHarvard, where he works on the corporate outreach team. He enjoys travelling, trivia, The Office, and milk tea.


Edward Lee '22,
Finance Chair

Edward is a sophomore in Eliot House concentrating in Chemical and Physical Biology. Outside of TCS, he performs as part of the Taekwondo demonstration team.


Henry Kuo '23,
First-Year Representative

Henry Kuo is a First-Year in Pennypacker Hall. He is passionate about Computer Science & Neuroscience. He is interested in answering the questions: What is intelligence? How did intelligence come to be? Henry is also interested in bridging the talent gap in Taiwan. As an international student from Taiwan, Henry makes sure that TCS is providing the "right" culture. Other than that, he regularly attends and endorses TCS events. Outside of TCS, he enjoys reading Dan Brown novels, playing the piano, and watching YouTube videos.

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