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Welcome to the True Love Revolution! We are a student organization at Harvard College that strives to present another option to our peers regarding sex-related issues, endorsing premarital abstinence and sexual integrity, upholding the institution of marriage and the family, and advocating true feminism.

We believe that casual, liberationist sentiments toward sex, sexuality, and relationships are detrimental to the health and well-being of our fellow students. Furthermore, we are alarmed that our peers are ignorant of the reasons and arguments defending these principles. Out of concern for our fellow students and in order to balance and enrich campus conversation on these matters, we are committed to engaging these topics through a variety of activities, such as campus lectures, debates, articles, and discussion. We strive for civility and intellectual honesty in our discussion of these topics, and we welcome all those interested in our activities irrespective of opinion or creed.

True Love Revolutionís main efforts focus on outreach to the Harvard University community. We seek, through publicity and campus events, to promote respectful and open-minded discussion of issues relating to abstinence, sex and marriage. We aim to cooperate with other student and campus organizations to discuss the benefits of abstinence, the merits of sexual integrity, and the role of marriage and family in todayís society.


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A Message for Students at Other College Campuses across the Nation

We have received numerous messages from college students across the country expressing that there is an absence of discussion about abstinence and marriage at their schools. We encourage students at other universities to consider starting up similar groups dedicated to promoting traditional sexual ethics on other campuses! For anyone who is interested, please visit the Love and Fidelity Network for help on their website. They are a non-profit established by a Princeton alumna that works full time to assist groups like True Love Revolution and the Princeton Anscombe Society.

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