What to do at the prompt

Once you can access your account, you will be presented with the prompt. At this prompt, you can do many many many things. For all of these, we hope to have tutorials soon.

A few basic examples of what you can do:

  • Setup a website
  • Read your group e-mail
  • Setup rules to forward email to another address
  • Transfer files from your computer
  • Check your quota
  • Anything else a modern Linux computer does.

Managing your HCS email

Every HCS group account comes with an email address, group-name@hcs.harvard.edu. You will probably want to check this regularly, as it is the way that HCS account services will contact you, and it is also a convenient address for your group to advertise because you won't have to change it from year to year even if your management changes hands. There are multiple ways to do this. You can check your mail via the web, via the terminal, or set up forwarding to one of your other accounts, like your personal GMail account.

Install WordPress on your HCS account

This tutorial is for installing WordPress to power your entire website. You should modify the instructions accordingly if you wish to install WordPress in a subdirectory (in particular, don't remove your existing web directory and extract WordPress to web/wordpress or some other directory).

Before you install WordPress, you will need a MySQL database. If you requested one when your account was created, you can find its password in an email that was sent to your group account's inbox. If you do not have an account, please request one by emailing help@hcs.