Evangelion Works

Some of my best work is here. Definitely some of my favorites.

The Heart, the Soul: This is my serious, Shinji and Asuka continuity, if you're not familiar with it. This is where my heart truly belongs, when it comes to writing EVA.... Please note, this has the manga characterization of Shinji, which means a backbone. n.n;

Animated .gif of Asuka and 
Sent by Michael Borgwardt; created by Butz Yung --thanks to Jan Wallander for telling me.

Neon Genesis Evanjellydonut: My spoof on EVA, written for The Sound and the Furry Productions.... ^_^ I hope to make some sort of lasting mark with this one. That would be nice. Some author's notes, too, if you're interested. Just me running my mouth (figuratively) a bit.

It's a record! After having written the first three parts, there have been six separate MST-type C&C's for this, by three different people! (Part 3 was quadrupled--a good thing, considering how much additional work it needed.) Thanks to Robert Morrison, Sean Gaffney, RpM, and Travis Butler. The reviews are up now, below the fics themselves.

Evangelion: Bitter Testament: An alt-uni fic. That's all I'll say out here; just read it and see.