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A Leaf in Winter
A page dedicated to Hisame Shizumaru and Rimururu of Samurai Spirits/Shodown

Updated: January 10, 2004
Happy New Year! Yeah, it's been a while....


For some time, now, Samurai Spirits has been my favorite fighting game (in particular, SS4, closely followed by SS3). And from this game, Hisame Shizumaru and Rimururu are my favorite characters both to play and, simply, just as characters. It may be safe to say that they are my favorite anime-style characters, all anime, manga, and video games included.

Why? A good question, since fighting games don't really give that much development to their characters. But there is enough in Samurai Spirits to form an initial conception of the characters, and in my mind's eye, they have developed beyond that. In fact, I roleplay Shizumaru on a few MUCKs online, and have used him as a character template in a tabletop RPG (the Amber diceless RPG). And in doing so, they've become more than simple fighting game characters. Shizumaru is a quiet, polite boy who carries much pain in him; Rimururu is a cheerful, innocent girl who loves nature just as her sister does, and seeks to find a place in it for herself. Were they to meet, I believe they would build a bond between them, a friendship where they could teach each other some important things about life, a friendship that would grow into something more....

And dammit, they just look cute together. Don't you think?

SD-Rimu kissing SD-Shizu on the cheek Sadly, SNK was never really very clear on this. There are a number of official arts with the two of them (see the gallery page) but it was never an official relationship in the backstories of the games. In the doujinshi world, there are a number of stories that I've found where the two meet, work together to defeat some villain together, and become friends--but that's it. I've heard rumors of doujin that have a clear-cut romantic relationship between the two, but I have yet to stumble onto them. And yes, I've even looked through some H-doujinshi. n.n;;; I found this scan here of SD-Rimu kissing SD-Shizu on the cheek, but so far, nothing more....

That won't stop me, though. Here, I've collected what pics I have found, and with the recent development of becoming employed full-time, I've started to commission fanarts of the two together. In addition, I've written a couple of short stories of the two. And it's my goal to do a doujinshi story, eventually. Of course, that means one of two things: a) I learn how to draw, or b) I find a like-minded artist who'd be willing to work with me on something like this. I'll have to see which one works out. Maybe both.

At any rate, please enjoy what few things I have managed to scrape together so far. If you have a comment or some art or fiction that you would like to send me, please email me. Particularly if you have art or fiction or, goodness me, are an artist who'd want to co-produce a doujinshi. ^.-

...dang, I'm such a fanboy, aren't I?

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