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Alice Laramore (Harvard ‘11) was involved in Athena for all four years of college and directed the program for two and a half years. She concentrated in History and Literature with a secondary in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and a Spanish citation; her senior thesis focused on the fictional writings of rock journalist Ellen Willis. In addition to directing Athena, Alice also mentored through Strong Women, Strong Girls for four years and served as an active board member for two. She was also president of Harvard’s oldest all-female a capella group, the Radcliffe Pitches and an intern with the Harvard College Women’s Center. Alice is currently a sixth-grade Humanities teacher at the Young Achievers Pilot School in Mattapan with the Boston Teacher Residency Program. Alice’s interests include the Gilmore Girls, Girlyman, folk music and playing the guitar. She can be a resource for those who are interested in making a long-term commitment to teaching, learning the guitar yourself, finding thrift stores around Boston, young adult literature, reducing your environmental footprint, rainboots, and building community. On the mentoring side, she can support you/your mentee in navigating the Boston school system, high school academic support, and talking to teens about safe sex.

Contact Alice at alice.laramore [at]

Natalia Renta (Harvard ‘11) found Athena mid-way through her Harvard career but quickly made up for lost time! She directed for a year and also served on the Programming and Outreach committees. Originally from Puerto Rico, Natalia concentrated in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, focusing her senior thesis work on the reinvention of legal arguments for same-sex marriage. In addition to Athena, Natalia served as the PBHA Alumni Relations Officer, a Keylatch Senior Counselor, KSNAP Director and a peer counselor; beyond Harvard, she worked in a Family Law/Domestic Violence/LGBT clinic, the Cambridge Women’s Commission and the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth (BAGLY). She identifies herself as Puerto Rican and queer. Natalia currently serves as a paralegal with an immigration law services program on a Harvard Center for Public Interest Careers Fellowship in Brooklyn, NY. Natalia’s interests include immigration and family law, sexual health, queer activism and coming back to Boston to live with Tara and Alice.

Contact Natalia at natalia.renta [at]

Tara Deviki Venkatraman (Harvard ’11) engaged with Athena for all four years of college and was a director of the program for two and a half years. Originally from Brookline MA, she concentrated in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (which she loved) and Social Studies (which she almost dropped senior fall), but ended up loving her thesis on the process by which young women of color in leadership development programs come to voice. Tara also directed the Summer Urban Program’s Leaders! Program for three years and was a PBHA Programming Chair. Tara currently serves as a youth worker and organizer with the City School, a youth social justice leadership development organization located in Dorchester, where she supports a gender group. She identifies as an Indian-American/brown woman from a privileged background who supports efforts to build the power of communities of color. Tara’s interests include radical feminism, writing, blogging, critically analyzing Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, politics, the Celtics, Boston/Cambridge, road tripping and all Top 40 music. She can be a resource on finding a career that’s not TFA or finance, struggling with Harvard, learning to love your thesis, mental/emotional health at Harvard, overcoming tv addiction and PBHA; on the mentoring side of things, she can support you/your mentee on college access, positive youth development and referring youth to resources in Boston or Cambridge.

Contact Tara at tara [at]

Mary Miller joined Athena her sophomore year at Harvard as a chair of Outreach. The following year, she served as a chair of Logistics, until settling in as Finance Chair for her final three semesters of Athena.  Mary concentrated in history with a secondary in human evolutionary biology.  She wrote her senior thesis on the intersection of religious discourse and medical theory as it related to female experience and female identity in medieval Britain.  Mary is currently working on revising this project to submit it for possible publication.  In addition to Athena, Mary rowed for four years for Harvard’s varsity women’s heavyweight team, Radcliffe, and was Commodore of the Boathouse her senior year.  After growing up just outside of Boston and going to college in Cambridge, Mary moved to Philadelphia this fall to start work as a legal assistant.  She remains an avid Boston sports fan nonetheless! Mary’s interests include law, writing, reading, any and all sports (playing and watching), and learning new ways to think about gender! She can be a resource for female health and nutrition, female athletics in high school and college, and developing some serious stress management skills!

Contact Mary at memiller13 [at]

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