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We hope you enjoy this collection of posters and articles chronicling the present decade. In the near future each of these seasons will be represented in our mp3 library. We are fortunate to present to you many of these posters as their original electronic files. Note that all Crimson archive articles, each of which is viewable in a separate browser window upon selecting the respective link, are copyrighted materials of the Harvard Crimson.

2010-11 Season

Yuga Cohler '11, Music Director


2015-16 Season

Sasha Scolnik-Brower '17, Music Director


2016-17 Season

Sasha Scolnik-Brower '17, Music Director


2017-18 Season

Reuben Stern '20, Music Director


2018-19 Season

Reuben Stern '20, Music Director


The Bach Society Orchestra hosts two annual competitions - the Concerto competition and the Composition competition - to promote the recognition of musical excellence at Harvard.

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