Officers of the Orchestra

Claire Millett '21, Production Manager

Claire Millett is a junior currently living in Quincy house and studying neuroscience. Outside of playing violin with BachSoc, Claire enjoys making long to-do lists and then proceeding to completely ignore them. She hopes to eventually open up a small bakery, in which she can finally put everything she has learned from various cooking shows to use.
clairemillett [at]

Esther Plotnick '21, Finance

Esther is a junior in Eliot House studying Mathematics and Computer Science and some Spanish. Aside from playing violin in BachSoc, Esther enjoys all things coffee, ice cream, and coffee ice cream.
eplotnick [at]

Maggie Chen '22, Finance

Maggie Chen is a freshman in Wigglesworth concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in History of Science. Besides playing clarinet in BachSoc, Maggie enjoys conducting research, writing hard-core articles on archaic scientific topics, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
maggiechen [at]

Brandon Gong '22, Internal Relations

Brandon is a freshman in Canaday Hall, planning on concentrating in Neurobiology. Outside of playing oboe in BachSoc, Brandon enjoys running, reading science journals, and reminiscing about the significantly warmer weather of New York.
brandongong [at]

Johanna Alstott '22, Internal Relations

Johanna is a sophomore in Leverett House concentrating in Linguistics with a secondary in Philosophy. When not playing oboe in BachSoc or obsessing over the meaning of the word "meaning," she enjoys reading, traveling, and idling in coffee shops. jalstott [at]

Melissa Yamada '21, External Relations

Melissa is a junior in Lowell concentrating in Neuroscience with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights. She enjoys playing the violin in BachSoc, watching Studio Ghibli movies, and drinking tea.
melissayamada [at]

Paige Lee '22, External Relations

Paige Lee is a freshman in Canaday (soon to be in Leverett House!) who plays the flute in BachSoc. Her second and third favorite things about Harvard are grade inflation and the HUDS peanut butter. Her first favorite thing is BachSoc. She is the proud owner of BachSoc’s social media pa(i)ges, which you can follow here: Instagram and FB: @harvardbachsoc :)
paigelee [at]

Hannah Thurlby '23, Personnel Manager

hbthurlby [at]

Hahn Lheem '23, Treasurer & Librarian

Hahn is a freshman in Apley Court concentrating in math. He is asleep by day, procrastinating by night, and usually on the lookout for free food. When he's not searching for free food, he's still searching for food regardless, except his bank account is usually yelling at him by this point.
hahnlheem [at]

Anthony Zhu '22, Ticketmaster

anthonyzhu [at]

Justin Tseng '22, Merchandise

Justin Tseng is a sophomore in Currier House tentatively studying Social Studies. Besides spending his time playing the cello with friends, he is also involved in several programs at the Institute of Politics and loves learning languages.
justintseng [at]

Kate Sierra '23, Alumni and Development

katiesierra [at]

Maycee Wieczorek '23, Publicity & Social Media

mwieczorek [at]

Kathy Enright '22, Social Chair

Katherine is a first year student from Singapore living in Lionel en route to Cabot House, and plans to concentrate in East Asian Studies and Something Else (TBD). Apart from playing horn in Bach Soc, she enjoys dancing Bharatanatyam, watching British comedy panel shows, and eating dried mango. Outside of rehearsal you can find her drinking tea and listening to mid-2000s Mandopop while complaining bitterly about winter.
kenright [at]

Tessa Haining '23, Social Chair

Tessa is a first-year in Pennypacker, aiming to concentrate in Chemistry and Comparative Literature. When she's not playing violin in BachSoc, you can spot Tessa on the Charlescompeting for women's heavyweight rowing, bolting into her 9am at a cool 9:03, obsessing over a crossword puzzle, trying not to fall into the Charles, or most likely loudly telling a story about some combination of the above.
tessahaining [at]

Chris Sun '21, Poster Design

Chris is a junior in Eliot studying one of the biology concentrations (don't worry about which one, he's not even totally sure himself). His favorite thing about BachSoc is being able to design the posters, especially during orgo lectures. BachSoc posters are really Chris's only opportunity to be creative (he's a premed), so next time you see one, take a moment to admire it. His least favorite thing about BachSoc is helping with tickets, so be sure to console him on concert days!
c_sun [at]

Raymond Jow '22, Poster Design

rjow [at]

Raymond Feng '23, Program Design

raymond_feng [at]

Matt Finlayson '21, Competitions Coordinator

Matthew Finlayson is a junior in Kirkland House studying Applied Mathematics in Linguistics and Computer Science. Matt spends a lot of time outside climbing, sailing, hiking, and also enjoys dancing and painting.
matthewfinlayson [at]

Henry Bosch '22, Web

Henry Bosch is a Sophomore in Lowell concentrating in Math. Outside from playing the trumpet in BachSoc, he enjoys playing Jazz, programming, and contemplating math in the wee hours.
henrybosch [at]


The Bach Society Orchestra hosts two annual competitions - the Concerto competition and the Composition competition - to promote the recognition of musical excellence at Harvard.

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