Luoyang Children's Home
In the historic Old City of Henan's ancient dynastic capital, the Children's Home houses some 400 children and is currently attended by 187 staff members. Some are multiply disabled, while others go to school, and there are opportunities to work in many different capacities with the children. Volunteers eat meals at the orphanage but need to arrange their own housing - we suggest lodging at the Lijing Men Hotel, conveniently located by the West Gate.

Hope Foster Home
Run by two friendly expats, this foster home assists local Beijing government-run children’s welfare institutes. Hope has a well-established program for volunteers, with specific expectations and duties, and specialize particularly in the care of infants and young children. The orphanage is one hour from Beijing. Facilities at the orphanage are comparatively comfortable. This is an English-speaking orphanage so no knowledge of Chinese is required.

Bethel Foster Home
Bethel is a small, recently-opened foster home for the visually-impaired run by a young French couple just outside Beijing. People with experience working with the blind, or with a special interest or talent in music are encouraged to apply. Visit their website for more information.

HCC South China Program
This year, four HCC volunteers will participate in a pioneering 5-week program providing care and therapy to children at Saiqi Orphanage, Fujian Province. The volunteers will participate in a pre-visit preparation and exchange program at Hong Kong Polytechnic University during the first week, followed by a month at Saiqi, where volunteers will work together with PolyU students specializing in Occupational Therapy to provide services and evaluation to the children. Saiqi Orphanage is located in the coastal town of Saiqi in northern Fujian, and is home to 35 children of varying ages and disabilities.