As you well know, Demon staffers love nothing more than to pore over senior theses to expand our knowledge. Now that this year's batch is in, Demon gives its picks for departmental awards.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Summa Cum Laude Theses

East Asian Studies: Jeff Freeman
“From Wayne's World to Operation Delta Force III: The Rise and Fall of Tia Carrere”

Anthropology: Heather Wilson
“Form, Function and Usage of the 'Cock Sock' by Arabian Peninsular Natives, 1307-1356”

Astronomy: Aaron Enzweiler
“Think Saturn Looks Cool Now? Try Looking at it When You're Blazed, Man”

Celtic Languages and Literatures: Andrew Thompson
“'You'll Never Get Your Hands on Mi' Lucky Charms': Selfishness, Sexual Innuendo, and Misogyny in Irish Breakfast Cereal Characters”

English Literature: Roy Anderson
“Kant and the Exploration of Self with Hustler Magazine”

Religion: Lenny Sullivan
“Martin Luther, Total Fucking Psychotic: The Dude Dreamed About Throwing His Own Feces at the Devil, for Goodness Sake”

Comparative Literature: Joe Llewellyn
“Better Knockers, Helen of Troy or Britney of Orlando? A Two-Part Comparison”

Linguistics: Libby Black
“'Heeeeyyyyyy': Let's Face It, The Fonz and His Catch Phrases are Still Way Cool”

Medieval Studies: Christian Lawrence
“Dude, Ivanhoe Would Have Totally Beat the Shit Out of Beowulf If They Fought”

History of Science: Jessica Thomas
“'Where the Fuck Are My Appendages?!?' Early Surgical Techniques”

Women's Studies: Elizabeth Evans
“Baby, It's Not the Dress That Makes You Look Fat: It's the Fat That Makes You Look Fat”