Overheard Conversations at:
Bizarro Harvard

Harvey Mansfield: “Boy, that Kwanzaa sure rejuvenated me!”

Michael Sandel: “Hey kids, I think that today I’ll tell you what I actually think!”

“Hey, am I remembering things wrong or did we get really drunk last night and fuck like animals?”
“I’m not sure. Maybe.”

“God, that’s one malnourished squirrel.”
“Let’s not throw rocks at it.”

“I hear the Salient is throwing a party.”
“Oh boy!”

Tourist: “Gee, it’s obvious that there’s more to Harvard than this statue. Also, that students have a right to walk through their own campus to get to class.”

“You know, I find the Flare intelligent and informative, and I look forward to discussing its insightful editorials with my friends.”

"Hey chum, this may just be the heroin talking, but I’d really like to fuck you in the ass.”
“Sure, Professor Feldstein, give it to me prisoner’s-dilemma style.”

“Superman, are you a force for good?”

“President Summers, did you just eat a mayonnaise sandwich?”