At the Demon, we like to get shot at. That’s why we recently took a trip to a local public school to see just how familiar today’s high school seniors are with the concept of irony. Here are some of the more telling responses we received:

“Irony? Shit, man, that’s deep. I might have to shoot you for challenging me intellectually. Shoot you ironically.”

“Josie and the Pussycats was an ironic take on popular culture, yet it failed to gain a foothold in an increasingly shallow teen demographic. Moral of this story: I am in love with Rosario Dawson.

“Irony is a deaf kid playing soccer with a diabetic.”

“Irony is writing a song entitled “Ironic” and then filling it with instances “irony” that are not actually ironic. What? We’re not doing that anymore? Cool.”

“Irony is when you recognize that life is like this big empty bowl, and it’s got a hole in it, and the more you pour in the more you lose. Of your soul. Do I get into Vassar now?”

“Would you like the Strunk and White definition, or the more commonly accepted Webster’s? Just messing with you, man, I’ve been huffing paint thinner in the parking lot for two hours, and I’m completely wasted. Wasted ironically.

“Well, since you probably have all these preconceptions about me because I go to public school, I guess it would be ironic if I didn’t shoot you. So I’m going to stab you in the head. Irony, thy name is Chad.”

“Irony is when my father beats me for being ten minutes late coming home from school. Awww, don’t look so sad, I’m kidding. Kidding ironically.”

“Irony is a blind kid winning a checkers match with a triple amputee.”