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Trashed Hungover Left out for the help to remove Erased from the hard drive
Buzzed Drunk Paged or called Contacted by the mothership
Randy Horny The gay butler Having a 56K modem
Gettin' Some Having sex Parents wire the account See above + vaseline
Party Drunken orgy Catered affair to see who's worth more Quake II over a LAN
Dating See above Competition to see who's worth more Stalking Natalie Portman
Extracurriculars See above See above See above
Studying Football Watching stock options See "Party"
Roommate He who makes the bong Other people exist besides me? The artificial intelligence on the computer
Sex Drive Desire to have sex Drive to the country estate to have sex Similar to the A:\ drive, but messier
Safe Sex Getting her name Paying with cash Plastic keyboard and mouse